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Ink Blossom Tattoo Aftercare

Ink Blossom Tattoo Aftercare

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New and Improved

Ink Blossom Tattoo Aftercare is now LIVE on our website. We released this new product at our last market and sold out. I love saying my business is customer driven meaning I really love taking your ideas to heart and bringing to you what you would like to see.Ink Blossom Tattoo Aftercare is soothing for your skin made with the same ingredients as our Calendula Salve. It includes calendula salve, beeswax, coconut oil, Lavender, frankincence, Manuka, and tea tree essential oil.Honey Shine Calendula Tattoo Aftercare SalveDIRECTIONS: Following your tattoo artists instructions apply salve lightly over fresh tattoo to provide care while the skin heals. Application to older tattoos can be used as needed and continue to use for any general skin care need.Just another way of us bringing the miracle of healing from "SEED TO SALVE" to you

Available is 4 oz tins

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