Danielle Rae Calendula Co

Welcome to our page ! My name is Danielle.  I am a mom, wife, homemaker, pug lover, and a crunchy mama of 5.  I enjoy all things natural, holistic, and organic. My love for herbalism came from my grandma that immigrated from the Philippines.  She taught me all about holistic ways to heal your skin and promote health. When I became a mom my son struggled with a diagnosis of eczema.  It all started with a seed that grew into the most beautiful Calendula plant. Calendula is in the Marigold family that houses natural healing properties for your skin.  I grow my own Calendula, we soak our flowers in a carrier oil for 4-6 weeks and the warmth from the sun naturally pulls the healing properties into the oil.  This oil promotes skin regeneration, blood and oxygen flow under the skin to heal the skin of many skin ailments.  

After months of experimenting to perfect my product I was able to create the most perfect liquid gold calendula oil and Honey Shine Calendula Miracle Healing Salve.  It is a staple in our household that is a one-fixes-all product. I created a proprietary essential oil blend of lavender, copaiba, bergamot, and geranium to bring beautiful scent that all can enjoy. 

Our product line has increased to 40 plus Calendula based products that everyone in the family can enjoy.

We have been in business since May of 2020, attend weekly markets, and are in 25 stores up and down California, across the United States, and Internationally.  

We are happy to welcome you to the Calendula world and invite you getting to know what this amazing flower herb has to offer.