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African Black Soap Fusion Bar

African Black Soap Fusion Bar

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Another addition to our Wellness Collection 🎉
African Black Soap Fusion Bar
Have you ever tried an African Black Soap?! This plant based soap has been one of my favorite additions to my beauty routine.

Benefits to using African Black Soap:
It can be used to
Remove bacteria
Deep clean your skin
Exfoliates to help improve skin texture and tone
Treats eczema and other skin issues
Reduces or prevents razor burn
Helps with mild skin rashes
Treats fungus
Moisturizes without stripping essential oils
May reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
Helps with acne
Reduces inflammation
& so much more

Our product is made with our homemade plantain ash, shea butter, coconut oil, calendula oil, & beeswax.

How to use:
It is safe to add African black soap to your daily skin care routine. Clean and refresh your skin once or twice a day (morning and at bedtime) with the soap, followed by our Velvet Rose Facial toner and Honey Shine Calendula Salve or Facial Butter.

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