Skin is IN with Honey Shine

Skin is IN with Honey Shine

Discover the secret to nurturing both mom and baby's skin with our best-selling Calendula Salve that has become a must-have for everyone in the family. 


I'm Danielle Thomson, founder/CEO/owner of Danielle Rae Calendula Co at We are also on Instagram where we can gained organic growth over the last 3 years and continue to grow daily.

I specialize in empowering moms to give their little ones the love and care they deserve with our expertly crafted calendula salve solutions. Because everyone deserves the gentlest touch, from a mom's heart to their precious skin.

"It's not Honey...It's Honey Shine." Tough on all skin conditions but gentle enough for children. 


I'm excited to share with you my story and incredible mission for my business. I feel this is a wonderful and revolutionary product that has and will continue to change the quality of many lives from newborn to 100 years of age. Our product is so beneficial for all because of its mutli-functionality and all-purpose quality to deliver incredible quality for moms of all kinds.

My story began 7 years ago, when I was a mom of two and struggled to find a product for my son that suffered debilitating eczema that covers 80% of his body. When I sought out to find a solution I was met with products filled with chemicals, water, or simply did not work.  From my frustration, came an idea to create something natural and organic for my children that we can use and enjoy.  My late-grandmother was from the Philippines, and she always taught me the best way to heal myself is from the plants we grow.  I started growing my own Calendula plant, then curated a beautiful Calendula oil that I added to my recipe of Calendula Salve. I was blown away with the results of my childrens skin as well as my own.  Over the years, I added to the list more ways to treat with Calendula.  From diaper rash, sunburns, bug bites, and wounds I was met with incredible results.  

Fast forward 4 years and the pandemic left me unemployed and with one extra baby to feed I struggled to find a way to make ends meet.  After feeling overwhelmed with my current mental state I ventured back into my world of Calendula and began documenting my salve making process.  I was met with so much positive feedback and interest in how one could purchase my product.  Two days later on Mother's Day 2020 I packed up my lot of orders and delivered to customers doors.  One month later, I received my first wholesale order for my Calendula Salve and the product Honey Shine was born. We are now in 25 stores in Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, and LA County and have even fulfilled International wholesale orders. 

We have been in business for over 3 years and business keeps evolving and growing.  I have countless stories and results of how our best-selling product has changed their lives.    


I saw people with stories
People with goals

These values come in all shapes and sizes. I became alive hearing the stories of how Honey Shine healed a wife needing a salve to treat her husbands bed sores from being bed ridden and in a wheelchair.

How Honey shine helped pre-teen girl confidence back while tackling middle school and finally loving the skin she is in.

How a mother struggling to find a product to heal her child’s eczema finally have a solution that lasts, heals, and protects.

How Honey Shine has made a mom's job a little easier to treat sunburns, baby acne and diaper rash with simple ease.

How Honey Shine helped a new mom on her breastfeeding journey and create an ease in bonding and ease with the new nursing feels.

How Honey Shine helped a cancer and radiation patient go through the transition of therapy and the aftermath with our Calendula salve to help any discomforts or skin irritation.

I’ve got hundreds of stories from so many people sharing how my one idea has helped them one way or another. And this is all possible because I became uncomfortable and took a chance to provide for my kids while helping others live their best skincare life possible. So I say to you if you are trying to find something you can create magic and it be loved and needed by so many.

We are proudly made in the beautiful city of Ventura where the incredible weather brings you delectable farm fresh beeswax, homemade Calendula oil, and proprietary essential oil blend. 

I truly thank you for your time and consideration in the pitch. Let me know when we can chat I truly am looking forward to collaborating soon.  I appreciate all your wealth of knowledge in this space and with your help I can blow this product up more to help more of moms and kids.  


Danielle Thomson
Danielle Rae Calendula Co

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