#momlife Need I say more??

This brand new lip balm is dedicated to all moms of babies, kids, adolescence, and adult kids. My greatest joy in life has been to be called simply "MOM." Messy hair, no sleep, maybe showered today , but I am always ready for hugs, "I love yous", books to be read, meals to be made, and hands to hold. For all of you moms I see you and am with you on this road of Motherhood.

This new lip balm has a scent of hibiscus, geranium, and juniper Berry. Super moisterizing and soothing scent to behold. This lip balm is currently sold in our Motherhood Box. Soon to be released on our website as a solo lip balm purchase.

Another great idea we will be doing once released on our website is a portion of each sale made of #momlife Lip Balm will go to the Tears Foundation of California. I have have following this foundation for a while. The Tears foundation helps to compassionately lift any financial burden for families due to the loss of a child. As parents and moms we do not like to think of what could happen or about unexpected losses in our life. This foundation helps to assist with costs as well as bereavement care such as support groups, grief counseling, and peer companions. This is such a heavy subject for me to address as the loss of a child is one of the hardest losses to take on. But this foundation and their mission is so beautiful in helping those in need.

The Tears Foundation hearts go out to those in need. The need is so great in California alone where we are based. Because of the limited resources they need any support so they can support families. Because of this all #momlife Lip balms orders will help this cause.


The TEARS Foundation – Helping bereaved families honor the life of a child. 

http://thetearsfoundation.org for more information

#momlife lip balm