We are so excited to show you this amazing way to self-care! With our Calendula Bath Melts you can feel like royalty. Its easy as 1...2...3 all you do is fill your bath up to as warm as you like it. insert the bath melt and after a few minutes the warmth of your bath will break down the bath melt and moisterize your skin to a buttery feel. 
Ingredients are Calendula Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, and a great variety of essential oils. We added Peppermint essential oil to help relax your aching muscles which is my favorite part about it, along with lavender, majoram, and bergamot essential oil to give it a fun mix.
So please take a look, indulge, we have Bath melts available in a pack of 10 or as a single melt. Whichever you prefer  
Bag of 10 $15
Single Melt $12.50

Honey Shine Calendula Bag of 10 Mini Bath Melts