Just what you need to complete your Honey Shine Facial regime.

Facial Flower Toner 1 oz
Jam packed with fresh flower herbs great for nourishing your skin. This batch includes Calendula, Rose, Lady's Mantle, Elderflower, Yarrow, and Meadowsweet flower herbs. Them soaked in Witches Hazel for 2 weeks to gain this gorgeous sunset red hue.

Calendula and witches Hazel are naturally astringent for your skin but together with our flower power herb it is better healing for your face. Best used for oily or combination skin type. Our Facial Flower Toner clears blemishes,  soothes itchy skin, hydrates your skin, anti bacterial, works great for sensitive skin, scars, age spots and best part works amazing for bug bites!

For best results, use Honey Shine Facial Lotion Bar or Glowing Serum after. Your skin will thank you for feeding it with wonderous products.


Made is small and fresh batches!

Facial Flower Toner