Introducing a Brand New Experience coming to Honey Shine. Perfect gift for your significant other and yourself.

Couples Therapy Candle
Massage Oil

Kiss Balm

Made with homemade Gardenia Essential Oil for an exoctic scent created from enfleurage. Designed to comfort, to love and activate your senses.  Our Couples Therapy Candle is not just a candle but also a Massage Oil. The floral scent has properties that can relax, reduce stress, uplift your mood and stimulate your love senses. There are two ways to enjoy.
1. Light the Candle and enjoy the intoxicating scent.
2. Once the Candle turns into an oil you can apply that oil to your skin as a perfume, skin healing oil, and intimacy.

Ingredients are Beeswax, Calendula Oil, Gardenia Essential Oil, Shea, Mango and Murumuru Butter.
Infused with Rose Quartz and Odsidian crystals and Lavender buds.

We are also adding our Homemade Gardenia Massage Oil. Designed with the same uses in mind as the Couples Therapy Candle. Ingredients include Gardenia Essential Oil and Calendula Oil.

Used as a perfume oil, Massage Oil, and facial oil.


Add our newest Bestselling lip balm Kiss Balm.  Our gardenia infused lip balm.


Bundle it all for $30

Couples Therapy Bundle