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Our calendula flowers are grown from see

Why Calendula?

My family and I have used Calendula daily in our home for about 4 years after I had my 2nd baby. I started to research the incredible benefits and became educated on how powerful of a healing property calendula is.

you can use calendula to aid:

  • Eczema

  • Wounds

  • Cuts

  • Burns

  • Sunburns

  • Diaper Rash for babies

  • Sleepy time salve

  • Soothes sores

  • Scars

  • Dry, chapped and damaged skin

  • Cracked nipples during breastfeeding

  • Promotes skin tissue repair

  • Anti-septic and anti-bacterial for skin

  • and many many more!

Our calendula flowers are grown from seed in our backyard, harvested, and sunbathed to a dried perfection to create a beautiful golden and potent calendula oil.

Fun fact: did you know you can collect seeds from a calendula flower to plant for next season?


Pretty cool way to continue the cycle of life from seed to salve!


Thank you for letting me put the "miracle" in my Calendula Lavender Miracle Healing Salve!

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